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Plant for Pollinators Lincolnshire

This Summer, University of Lincoln Ecology and Conservation student, Leah Vollans, conducted a Summer project on native pollinator friendly wildflowers in Lincolnshire.

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  • What inspired you to focus your research project on bees? 

Bees are incredibly important invertebrates as they carry out the vital role of pollination, unfortunately, bee populations have continued to dwindle over the years, and this will have a knock-on effect on our surrounding wildlife. It is easy to forget about bees, and other pollinating invertebrates, especially when it comes to our gardens! So, I decided to focus on bees to create an easy to follow list of flowers that should help encourage them into our gardens and in turn support their populations.

  • Why is the role of bees so important? 

Bees provide us with the crucial service of crop and flower pollination and without them, there would be a significant reduction in flower diversity and crops production. The pollination bees carry out is not just important for flowers and crops, but also the large abundance of wildlife that relies on those plants- which includes us!

Watch Leah’s presentation below to find out more about her project:

  • What are the key things that you’ve taken away from this project? 

Besides learning a lot about native UK wildflowers and bees I’ve also been able to practice my science communication skills, which has been very helpful and will prove valuable in the future.

  • What can individuals do to help pollinators? 

Plant for pollinators! When considering planting some flowers in the space you have available keep in mind the needs of UK pollinators. You do not need to plant an entire garden to provide for them, even just one small pot containing one appropriate flower could help your local pollinator communities immensely.

View the wildflower chart below:

Leah Vollans – Lincolnshire Wildflower Gantt Chart

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